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Baby Carrying Benefits
 By Judy Arnall

 In many parts of the world, baby carrying is very popular.  It helps to keep babies safe, feel secure, and helps parents to feel close to their children. 

There are many types of carriers available:  Netting, backpacks, slings, snuggle pouches, front facing carriers, cradleboards, and wraps.  Find one that’s comfortable and secure for you and your baby.

 Benefits of Baby Carrying

    * Close emotional and physical bonding for parent and baby.
    * It’s easier to carry baby then to wield a bulky stroller around pathways and certain environments.
    * Weight carrying is linked to lower risk of osteoporosis in Moms
    * It lowers the risk of baby developing “flat head” or positional plagiocephally from constantly lying on the same part of their heads in car seats, floor carriers, cribs and other hard surfaces.
    * Baby can see adult activities at a higher level and are entertained easier.
    * The increased stimulation of watching many things going on, helps to stimulate babies brain. 

 Risks of Baby Carrying

    * Cheap carriers can cause strained backs, necks and shoulders in the parent.
    * Baby may fall out of poorly structured carriers. 


    * Baby does not get practice for crawling, pulling to stand and walking. 

 All babies have a unique timetable for development of walking and crawling skills.  They are developmentally ready when they mature and no amount of practice will speed up those skills and no amount of carrying will diminish the ability of acquiring those skills.

    *  Baby gets used to being carried around.

Babies certainly love to be carried around, but they also have an innate independent drive to be able to do things on their own.  When the time is ready, they will want to walk, crawl and move around independently.  It’s like adults who have a driver’s license but are able to catch rides occasionally with someone else.  The desire to drive is not diminished by the offer of a free ride!   Control and independency are inborn desires, even in babies.
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