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"My hippy sister, my fancy mother-in-law, and my guys-guy husband can all put on the same sling and wear it around endlessly. The MoMo designs are awesome for versatility"

HOW TO WEAR A SLING!                         Order Your Baby Sling

Getting started - Threading the sling video
1. Start by laying your sling out pocket side up.
2. Locate the mid point just below the side padding. With each hand grab either side of the sling and gather inward in an accordian like fashion.
3. Once the tail is gathered, fold the sling in half bringing the gathered tail up to the rings. No trim will be seen at this point. Feed the tail through both rings.
4. While honoring the pleats you created, fold the tail back on itself over the top ring under the bottom ring (like a belt). Pull to adjust to desired length. You will now see two rails of trim down the tail. You will not see trim on the outside of the pocket.

Note: the sling will not adjust unless done purposefully.

Wearing the sling.
1. Place the sling on either one of your shoulders. For beginners it may take some time to figure out which side is the best and you may want to try both to find your best fit. Make sure that the rings are on or just below the shoulder to allow for proper adjustment and fitting when your baby is in the sling. When a baby is properly positioned in the sling, the rings should sit at about armpit height.
2. Before you load your baby, adjust the sling.
3. Pull the outer rail of trim on the tail to tighten the inside of the pouch. The inside of the pouch should be tight and high on your chest like a tee-shirt.
4. Pull the inner rail of trim on the tail to adjust the outside part of the pouch. Before loading pull in most of the fabric here.

Loading your baby.
1. See Carrying Positions for possible ways to wear your baby.
2. Hold your baby high on your shoulder, opposite to the rings, to load him feet first. Slide him into position, while supporting his weight (and head of younger infants) while adjusting.
3.Pull the tail to adjust as in 3 and 4 of "wearing the sling".  Hold your baby's weight as you are adjusting, as the rings will lock the fabric in place if loaded.
4. For first timers, use a friend. Have one person hold the baby in the position you desire while the other  adjusts the sling around the baby. You will soon become proficient.

Removing your baby.

1. Hold your baby's weight and pull up the bottom ring to release the fabric. The sling will loosen.
2. Lift your baby up onto your shoulder and pull his feet out from the fabric.

You may have to undo and re-adjust your sling every now and again to offer the best possible adjustment control
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