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"At a black-tie event I threaded a chiffon scarf around my black MoMo sling and took my 3 month old. She slept the whole night against me and I looked great!"


Why slings?
MoMo Designs, as well as baby experts, believe that babies who are worn are happy little monkeys that thrive. They fuss less, allowing for that extra energy to go towards their growth and development. Baby wearing also helps parents and babies bond.  Mom learns baby's cues, and can react quickly.  Baby is soothed by mom's motion, as he was in her womb, and is comforted.  As babies often want to be held and parents often need both hands available, the MoMo Ring Sling is a perfect solution. MoMo Ring Slings equals happier, more well adjusted little monkeys.

Is the sling safe?
The MoMo Sling is a very safe and secure baby carrier when used properly.  The sling needs to support the baby, and be snug so that the baby is not able to fall out.  It is your responsibility to read and follow the instructions for use. Use common sense when using your sling. Be aware that the baby does extend out from your body. Be careful when going around corners or through doorways. Be careful around hot objects like hot drinks, and never cook with your sling on. Always hold your baby when bending over. Until you are comfortable with the sling, always keep a hand on your baby for safety.

Is it comfortable?
The MoMo Sling is very comfortable with a wide and long patch of thick padding.  We do suggest switching the carrying side periodically.  You will find that it is far easier to carry your baby in the sling then on your hip without support.

At what age can my baby be worn in a sling?
You can use your sling from 0 to age 3 or 35lbs. Since the sling is so versatile you will always be able to find a position that works for you and your baby.

How do I care for my sling?
All our slings are made with 100% linens and cottons. We recommend you wash in warm water and hang to dry.

Do you do custom slings?
No we do not do custom slings at this time.


Please contact us with more questions!

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